Fastening for the High Seas

Fastening for the High Seas

Ardmore Craig is delighted to announce that over the past few months the engineering consultancy has been awarded numerous contracts for detail design and seafastening work associated with summer campaigns in the offshore wind sector.

Projects include vessels destined for Burbo Bank, Bligh Bank, Race Bank, Rampion, Wikinger and Kriegers Flak. Work has included design of vessel specific grillages, walkways and survey equipment as well as derivation and analysis of seafastening loads & restraining systems.

The awards come on the back of the 150th company contract which was awarded in June and saw a cable lay spread upgraded and mobilised over an eight week period.

Director Andy Stevenson explained that Ardmore Craig has developed a reputation for successfully delivering rapidly engineered solutions especially when clients require support at the latter stage of a project and that this has been the catalyst behind the recent contract awards.

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