Why Choose Us?

We don’t offer what we already have when you require something bespoke and our design team will create a solution to fit within your project constraints be that CAPEX, OPEX, geometric, weight or otherwise.

Our team have a significantly wide range of experience with carousels from several hundred to several thousand tonnes in capacity, basket and spooling types, modular and adjustable, electric and hydraulic drives. We have also developed a number of cable storage reel designs, covering capacities from as low as several tonnes up to 400 tonnes and beyond.


Our Experience

Be it power cable, umbilicals, flexible or rigid pipe we can assist in designing the equipment to successfully and safely handle it and lay it on the seabed. We have experience in S-Lay, J-Lay, Reel Lay and Flex Lay spreads working at a conceptual level on deck layouts through to the detail design of individual components including chutes, tensioners, support structures, spooling systems and stingers amongst others.
We have an extensive track record in the design of equipment for cable spreads used on offshore wind farms, telecoms and power cable projects. Our experience includes the design of chutes, quadrants, cable highways, spooling systems, cable engines and support structures.

We have experience in the design of boulder clearance, trenching and backfill tools designed to protect, bury and cover a range of pipes and cables. We have taken ideas from a concept level through to detail design and have supported clients in securing intellectual property rights around our designs.
We have accumulated experience in handling a wide range of objects from cables and pipes on-board dedicated vessels through to Remotely Operated Vehicles on ships of opportunity coupled with the movement of large loads across the decks of pipelay and construction vessels.

Our Experience

Just because we haven’t done something before doesn’t mean we can’t! We relish the intellectual stimulation of a challenge, getting up to speed on the equipment use, client requirements and industry standards.
As well as our own designs we can undertake modifications to third party equipment and back engineer existing assets.

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